The Lilyan Wilder Group: Center for Communication Excellence

The Lilyan Wilder Group: Center for Communication Excellence is a non-profit, 501(c) (3), organization established to perpetuate Lilyan Wilder’s life-work. We offer training seminars in the US, and internationally — including in Israel and the UK — designed to improve the communication skills of those who speak on behalf of Israel.   The workshops are based on  the Lilyan Wilder Method for Communication Excellence. Courses are ideal for diplomats, politicians, professionals, and media personalities, as well as students and those who aspire to leadership roles.

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Speech and Communication Training

We offer results-oriented Speaking with Impact workshops based on the methods of communication excellence formulated by Lilyan Wilder. Students learn to speak with conviction and to communicate clearly and persuasively with self-confidence.  Our primary goal is to strengthen the ability of the participants to speak effectively in a variety of realistic situations.

Course participants practice using real-world scenarios taken from recent headlines while benefitting from the mentorship and feedback of experienced instructors.

Participants gain the tools necessary to become effective and confident communicators, enhancing their ability to forcefully present Israel’s case in the most clear, structured and articulate manner.

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Positioned to Make a Difference

Lilyan’s ardent support for and love of Israel and the Jewish people inspired her to establish professional workshops in communication excellence designed for spokespeople for Israel. She brought vision, expertise, and determination to help Israel communicate its message during her lifetime. This dream lives on today through the Lilyan Wilder Center for Communication Excellence.

The workshop instructors are Lilyan Wilder’s protégés who are fully trained in her methodology and determined to fulfill Lilyan’s bequest to train speakers representing Israel. The instructors are experienced educators, business people, marketing and sales professionals, and public speakers.  All are motivated to action by a deep concern about how Israel is presented to the world and by the determination to make a difference.

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Bill Ritter Writes About Lilyan Wilder

Bill Ritter  of ABC’s Eyewitness News in NYC posted a moving eulogy of Lilyan on April 02, 2009 in which he related his experiences as a “student” of the “the grand dame of broadcast coaching.” Towards the bottom of the column he writes about her.

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Who was Lilyan Wilder?

Lilyan Wilder was America’s foremost communications, speech and media consultant and author of books on public speaking. Her clients included well-known broadcast, media, political, and business leaders in the US and Israel. She worked as a communication consultant, training broadcast correspondents at ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN.  Her guidance and counsel was sought by some at the beginning of their careers, like a young Oprah Winfrey and the late Jessica Savitch.  Her help was also sought by those at the height of their success, such as the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu.  Lilyan’s dream was to empower spokespeople for Israel with the enhanced communications skills necessary to effectively represent Israel to the media and in the public arena.

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